Refreshed design

The blog gets a refreshed design based on the new default theme for, and news on my social media presence.

Refreshed design

I decided to switch this blog's theme to Source, a new default theme for Ghost, and update the cover image as well to a night cityscape of lower Manhattan from our family vacation in New England and NYC earlier this year. =

Here are the before/after visuals for the blog.

In other news: I started posting my photos to social media again this year after a hiatus, and planning to create new blog posts on this blog. Stay tuned!

Mastodon is my main focus now on social media given its decentralized philosophy, no ads, and people who are really passionate about photography (check out the #photography tag on Mastodon v. Instagram for yourself). I really miss, which was great for photography, but it is no longer there. I'd still post to Instagram, and then cross-post to Facebook, but no longer post to Twitter (ehm, X) as the quality of content there went downhill for me with the takeover.

My current social media accounts:

If you want to try out Mastodon, here's an invitation to join instance: Bear in mind you can choose to join another server, or even host your own.